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What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

There are several types of insurance policies that offer liability protection. These include auto insurance liability, homeowners insurance or renters insurance liability, the extended liability insurance coverage provided by an umbrella…

How to Get a Credit Card With No Credit History

Learn How to Get a Credit Card With No Credit History. Puzzling out how to get a credit card with no credit history can seem like the impossible dream. Many credit card companies have tightened their underwriting standards and establishing…

Insurance Agent vs Broker: What’s the Difference?

The terms insurance agent and insurance broker may seem to mean the same thing. The two terms are close, but there is a distinction. Many times, we will use the term insurance agent when referring to agents or brokers for the sake of…

What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Owning a business has its risks and rewards. The rewards include independence, the ability to determine your own future. However, the unexpected awaits. While most unexpected events in business are opportunities to improve your business,…

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